As Swandor Hotels & Resorts;

We consider the current and future needs of our guests, the tourism industry, our environment, and local communities; and we take into account the environmental, economic, and social impacts of all our activities.



Environmental Sustainability

The world is not inherited from our ancestors, but entrusted to us by our children. In this direction;

  • In our product and service offerings; to make maximum efforts to minimise harmful effects on human health and the environment, to protect biodiversity, to prevent waste, to use resources efficiently, to prevent or reduce waste generation, and to ensure separate collection and recycling at source in case of waste generation
  • Reduce our carbon and water footprint,
  • To ensure that sustainability awareness is adopted not only by our employees but also by our guests and business partners

We are committed.

Carbon Footprint

When our solar field established in Afyon is completed, we will meet all the electricity needs of our facility from here.


We send our packaging waste for recycling through licensed companies.

Nature Conservation

Our conservation efforts aim to support biodiversity and natural habitats at both local and global levels.

Economic Sustainability

To ensure our brand is operated in an economically healthy manner, we commit to:

  • Continuously monitor both our economic indicators and guest satisfaction
  • Focus on our guests' preferences and expectations to contribute to our economic sustainability
  • Prefer sustainable products and services from suppliers who embrace the concept of sustainability, while also reducing unnecessary resource and transportation usage
  • Encourage our suppliers to grow and develop with us
  • Use regional, organic, or natural equivalents of products when available
  • Refrain from using or selling products from endangered species
  • Support local producers and suppliers, and collaborate with local organizations and associations

Guest Satisfaction

We monitor our guest satisfaction scores from many domestic and international channels and consider our guests' feedback to improve them.


We maintain our product standards by regularly evaluating our suppliers.


Our priority in purchases is local products and suppliers.

Social Sustainability

Aware of the significance of the environment we operate in, local communities, and cultures for our success, we commit to:

  • Preserving and transmitting Antalya's historical and cultural texture intact to future generations, and offering services for its exploration by bicycle
  • Treating our employees and guests equally, regardless of gender, race, color, religion, language, age, nationality, socioeconomic status, disability, etc.
  • Always keeping communication channels open between employees and managers
  • Providing equal opportunities to individuals in staff employment, supporting local development and employment
  • Offering peaceful, healthy, and safe environments to individuals within the facility
  • Supporting measures against all forms of abuse and harassment towards children and vulnerable groups, reporting suspicious actions to authorities, and working together with the local community and our business partners on this matter
  • Committing not to employ child labor beyond what is defined by laws.

Equal Opportunity

More than 30% of our employees are women.

Child Friendly

Rino Kids Kids Club organises special activities.

Cultural Heritage

Some of our spaces, inspired by rich history and cultural heritage, offer our guests a timeless experience by bringing the traces of the past into the present.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our sustainability efforts and invite you to review our work and accompany us on this sustainability journey with your opinions and suggestions.

Swandor Hotels & Resorts Sustainability Team

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